2017~ Time to choose freedom & experience life!

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We are all on an interesting journey. Everywhere we go, there’s something wonderful to be seen. Yet, often times we are caught up in the activities of a busy life, frequently passing moments of beauty & wonder without even knowing it! In most places, the structure of society has caught us up in repeated cycles. A significant amount of people, if not most, follow the same patterns~ they are born, go to school, follow the rules, then get a job {sometimes hating it) all while trying to save up & experience life. Often the pattern & other aspects of it are repeated within their inner circles & their families.

Throughout all this, people seek different ways to experience life. From t.v programs & the stories which are played out to books, vacations, parties, sex & the list goes on. Yet they always return to the same cycles. While there are both good & bad variations, often it is these experiences which give us meaning, which help us thrive. We live for them, crave them. So why do we accept the cycles we have been moulded into? Why do we keep repeating them, instead of living a life wherein we can be happy, achieving & experiencing the things we truly crave?

Fear is a usual answer. Whether it’s what family might say, the potential loss of everything we have or some other situation, we let these things hold us back. Yet we only have one life & we certainly aren’t leaving this planet with anything we currently have. In nearly every situation that occurs {if not all), we are provided with our essential needs. From those who are homeless to those who are hopeless, everything essential is somehow provided or created by the person.

Why not break free from the cycle? A new moment has come & with it an opportunity. Who knows what it may hold, yet do you want to be old someday & look back, filled with regrets wondering what you could have & should have done? Life is a blessing, a wonder to experience & no matter what any other person says, you are the one in charge of your life. It’s your thoughts & your choices which are key in determining how it all unfolds.

Sure, it may not be easy at first & there may be tough times, but when you choose to live true to yourself, when you choose to persist, wonderful things happen. You become happier, opportunities reveal themselves to you & you become free to experience so much more! But you must persist & continue to break free from the old cycle, for it will try to drag you back. Be true to yourself! Life & freedom are calling, will you answer, will you accept?

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