A Goddess Walks

Goddess of love, short fantasy story, writing prompts, melanated multiverse, nubian queen
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I spend each day,
Yearning for the night,
When most are silent
And pathways are pliable,
When the stars are bright
And the peace of nature beckons,
For it is then a Goddess walks,
In a field of green;
Her beauty as magnificent
As the endless dark;
Her presence,
Filled with the splendor & power
Of a thousand stars;
Where she walks,
All bow;
Where she stands,
All turn to;
And every third night,
We meet;
Under a tree,
Whose branches stretch to the heavens,
Like lovers who have been apart,
For too long;
The moments seem like infinity
And for a time,
We are one;
But time passes
And the dawn always rises;
And so she returns,
To the stars;
An empress with a secret,
A goddess who loves a mortal;
She has captured my heart,
My soul and hers are one;
And in the day,
I ask over & over,
Does not love conquer all?
Then I wait,
For the third night to fall,
The stars to rise
And for a goddess
To walk,
In a field of green.

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