A goodish day

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Today was a goodish day…you know where good things/a good thing happens but most of the rest of your day is pretty normal? Well, today was one of those days for me. The highlight of it all; a conversation with someone on various entrepreneurial {to a degree) topics. A conversation whereupon after living, I felt good & high in energy.

Which made me realize just how few people I have in my life with upbeat & positive energy around. It’s why I/we have to be mindful of those we have around us. The right set of people can move you forward, help you in tough times & be an awesome presence in your life. While the wrong set will bring you down or keep you back being a drag on your life.

I think it’s good to evaluate our lives now & then & if we don’t do it, then have moment’s ~preferable positive~ which are able to jolt these realizations into us. Of course, we also have to be mindful of ourselves, or thoughts & the energy we resonate at. After all…

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So, to one & all, I wish you an excellent week & much positive vibes 😊 Vibrate higher!

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