Fable Soham OM is the name. Creating & exploring is the game. Caribbean born with a powerful imagination, his mind is constantly alive with new stories & ideas. Hooked on fantasy & adventure from a young age, along with an innate curiosity he finally restarted expressing the stories within, in early 2018.

When not occasionally playing video games or reading, he spends time creating{frequently writing), practising yoga & meditation, exploring nature, watching ‘soccer’ & enjoying life as a chocaholic raw vegan. Having grown up without knowledge about the culture of the region he grew up in, along with lack of knowledge about his ancestral culture & history, he seeks to explore and express truths about these areas via this blog while also writing within the two areas he loves, namely Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Stories and Poetry.

In life, online & offline, one of his stated key goals is the following:

“As a powerful creator, thinker & writer, I aim to create, explore & experience powerful stories, while being true to the joy of my beautiful journey!”

Explore & Grow with him on his journey via these social media sites:

Instagram ~https://www.instagram.com/fablesohamom

Twitter ~https://twitter.com/FableSohamOM


He can also be reached via email at ~info@fablesohamom.com