Continuations, endings & beginnings

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It’s said that everything has an ending & beginning. Life starts somewhere & then there comes a point where it all ends. Each moment is truly like no other, one flowing into the next, with {most of the time) how we choose to experience it determining it’s true value.

Sometimes we lose our way, stumbling, falling, crying out for help. While we do sometimes receive help, it’s up to us to rise up & choose the kind of experience we wish to have. We must break out of our shells of fear, say no more to the lies of suffering, the falsities that hold us back & claim our brand new beginning. As I like to say, what has passed, has passed, what is yet to be, is yet to be & what is now, is now.

Life is a continuation of moments, from one to the next, yet often we’re caught up in past occurrences or things that are yet to be. In this moment, an eternal now, there is healing, wonder, peace, love, freedom & much more. Some cycles of your life may come to an end & some may just be starting. Throughout it all, the unfolding of how we choose to experience the moment continues.

Yes, we can learn from the past, but we must let go of past issues/problems. Yes, we can plan for the future, but we must live, enjoy & experience this present moment. Life will surely come to an end one day & who truly knows what comes after? Whether it’s nothing or a different experience, that moment is yet to be. Things do happen in life, both bad & good & while how we choose to perceive them, to learn & remember them do help shape our life, the thoughts we have and choices we make right now help make both future moments & the present one truly exceptional.

So remember, whether starting or finishing something ~ what has passed, has passed, what is yet to be, is yet to be & what is now, is now. It is what you choose it to be~peace, freedom, healing, love, wonder.

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