Endings and beginnings

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“Here we stand. At the end of it all or the beginning of something great.” Smiling, he breathed deeply  & buttoned his dress shirt.  “Haruko, Metellus & Nazima; friends how far we have come.” Turning he bowed slightly to the three figures who stood waiting & slowly walked to their left. “Why are you shivering Haruko? Are you cold or is there something you want to tell us?”

Wiping away a few drops, she brushed away her hair & smiled back at him. “Come now Janiel, you know what we’ve just done. You know how I get after…so make it quick.”

Lightly laughing, he kept walking till he reached a darkened corner. Kneeling, he stared into the eyes of two tightly tied people, slowly rubbed his hands on the clothed bodies in front of him and smiled. “They’re going to come. We all know this. The only question that remains is, how is it going to go & what will you both do?” The man & the woman turned their heads & he slowly stood up. “They’re almost here actually.”

“Are you sure Nazima?” As she nodded at him, he turned once again to the two who remained on the floor. The man let out a loud laugh, while the woman kept her head down.  Janiel’s eyes opened slightly & he started to laugh too, causing a silence to fall. Stepping carefully, he knelt in front of the man’s face. “Why’d you stop? Does my laughter scare you or did she tell you some things about us?”


“Stop!” Turning, he faced the woman, who once again fell silent. “I don’t want to hear your words on this night. Instead, I want you & him…” Here he turned again to the man. “…To see… some more. These few.” He gestured at the floor behind him. “They were nothing. Those who come, they shall feel what I felt. They shall know!… We planned so much… but I guess we planned too long & now things have been preempted.” Taking a deep breath, he rose & passed a finger under his eye. Staring for a few seconds at the droplet, he looked up. “Nazima, you can go. You know where to meet us. I’ll let them know.”

Nazima turned to the other two & smiled. “Hope to…well, see you guys in a few.” Stepping closer to Metellus, her hands passed slowly over his afro style hair. Her smile deepened. “Speak the words I taught you. Let your voice be free of the silence, if only for a while.” As he bowed his head against her hands, her body flickered & disappeared.

Laying a hand on Metellus’s shoulder, Haruna raised orange shades to her eyes & then turned to Janiel. ” A few more seconds…” She smiled & passed her hands through her hair causing different colours to start slowly falling.

Loud vibrations reverberated through the air & a few seconds later two blue and red oval shapes appeared. A beam of light stretched between their sides & in the middle small orbs circulated forming a face. “Janiel of the lower stacks. You have one chance. Surrender & be taken in peacefully or resist & regret it.”

Spreading his arms wide, Janiel walked to stand in front of the ships. Laughing, he shouted into the air. “You have no idea. No damn idea!”  As hatches opened in the two ships and figures appeared in the openings, a third one appeared and aimed a blue light towards him. “Haruko, how many more?”

Laughing, she began to draw a pattern with the colours on her clothes. “They only bought three. Only three!”

Thunder echoed through the air, as the light around Janiel began to ripple, forcing him to his knees. Blood streaming from his nose & ears, he screamed; “You shall know! All shall Know!… Witness!” His blood suddenly froze as a blue light shone through his skin. Rising to his feet, he screamed, “Witness!” Two beams of light suddenly shot from his hands and the night sky lit up as a blue explosion sent the two other ships reeling.

People who had landed from the other ships stared up and a few seconds later a cry was taken up. “Augmented! Use extra force. Take them out!” As they rushed forward, Metellus stepped forward and removed his jacket. Along his arms were strips of long silver metals filled with holes. Some of the soldiers raised their hands and orange orbs of electricity flew from mounted hand cannons. Seconds from hitting they were frozen in midair by a reverberating sound. Metellus was singing. Obeying his voice the orbs coalesced into a shimmering figure, with four arms. Smiling it moved towards some of the men stood in place as if in awe of the voice they were hearing. Where the figure passed & touched them, smaller orbs stuck to the soldiers.

As some started to sway to an unheard tune, explosions shook some from their stupor. Backing away from the encroaching figure, they fired their weapons at and around it, only for it to absorb the energy and advance all the quicker.  Turning, some run, only to meet Haruko encased in an armor of swirling colours.

Dodging their strikes, she broke their arms and legs, leaving them for the being which kept drawing closer. She seemed to dance as bodies fell and where she passed none remained standing. Pausing for a while she stared at the few remaining soldiers who were either firing shots that froze or trying to run. Shaking her head & letting loose a deep breath, she begun to flow to a different rhythm. Now where she passed soldiers stood frozen with bloody arms, stripped free of joined weapons, different streaking colours flowing on their skins & clothes, some seeping into them. Pausing to admire her work, she smiled at the nearest figure. “Do you see? Now, do you see…or will you soon?”

“Haruko.” Turning she watched the energy being drawing closer, till Janiel suddenly stepped within it & inhaled. His body lit up for a moment, all wounds vanished & then he smiled. “Haruko. What are you doing?Why heal these…few?” He gestured at the few who remained, some with colours all over them now.

“We all need a chance Janiel. And besides, you know what will happen. They will either realize the truth, become valuable to me or be changed. Either way, I think I like my art. Don’t you?”Breathing deeply, the colours stopped spinning and the armor on her slowly entered back into her body. “I know, I know…we don’t have time, but my art’s effect will still be felt. Don’t know why you wasted time.” Raising her hands into the sky, she jumped & shouted “Witness!”

Shaking his head, Janiel laughed. “You have 30 minutes to an hour.” They both turned, to see Nazima standing beside Metellus. Her eyes were slightly wide as she looked around. Stepping past the bodies, Janiel came to a stop in front of her.

“You didn’t need to come back little one. You didn’t need to see… this. We know the time we have”

“I had to. I had to know that it’s possible. Freedom…” Shuddering, she turned to Metellus. “See you soon cousin. Everything is ready & it’s your turn to teach me.” Smiling Metellus reached out and passed his hands along the outline of her face, then signed “It’s okay. We’re okay. Janiel brought down the ships, so they don’t know we’re here. We’re gonna be okay.”

Smiling she reached out & whispered; “I know. We’re waiting & I think we’re the last. A new world awaits…see you soon.” Then her figure faded

Haruko came to stand beside them. “Ah, she slipped! I wondered what we were going to do next.”

Smiling, Janiel walked towards the two bound figures. The men stared widely at him, sweat pouring down his shaking body while tears rolled down the woman’s face. “See. There were some things you didn’t even know about us after all.” Kneeling in front of them, he whispered as his two friends came to stand beside him; “And I want you to see where we’re going next. What could have been… Then we shall see to your fate.”

Standing, he looked out at the city once more. “Goodbye old friend. Off world, here we come. A new world. A new beginning.”

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