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What is Freedom?

Is it a dream or is it a potential reality? Is it the two days most people have off during the weekend or is it what those who are wealthy get to enjoy? Or are they the same?

When it comes down to the basics, it’s what we all really crave. A chance to live our lives how we really desire…to do what brings us joy or peace. To create what we desire & experience what we really enjoy. We yearn for it in the depths of our very being…and if this is true, why do we not have it or rather why do we only have it for limited amounts of time?

Why do we give in to the same old cycles, the same old habits? Is it because society has conditioned us to think & behave a certain way or is it because this is the only way?  Do you really believe that this is the only way?

There are countless philosophers & others with thoughts on what can be done to better society, on what can be done to bring the freedom we crave, yet for all the talk the change comes in small increments. Perhaps that’s what’s needed before the big break…before the big wave that changes things? I mean…you can see it all around you, right? More people meditating, questioning, creating. Or perhaps it’s only a few who are really doing this. But even in a world of billions; a few can mean millions and after all, the smallest things do make the biggest differences :).

The point to the last paragraph is this; that people are doing things that are bringing them greater freedom in different ways. More and more people are realizing that there may just be another way to do some things. I guess it comes down to perspectives, beliefs & whatever situation you’re in. What power do you have in your current situation?

If you have a boss, then your time & freedom is controlled to a degree, though for some this may be okay especially if it’s something they love. If you have to support someone or more importantly if you choose not to utilize your willpower & just leave it all to others, then perhaps your freedom is limited. Out of these & other factors, we do have- usually- the freedom to choose what we think & even what we act on.

And perhaps this is an important thing many of us have forgotten or been misled into not capitalizing on. With all these distractions around you; from stupid things on television to boring jobs and other useless things, how much time do you really devote to yourself & what you really desire? How do you use those precious moments of freedom? Do you choose…do you rather others making choices for you?

What difference does it make, you may say? Time, as illusionary as it is, is limited. You only have one life…unless you believe in reincarnation of course :), but that’s a whole other thing. So, why are you wasting it doing what you don’t like? Why even spend it doing things which will not benefit you in either the short or long term? Why complain & do nothing? It’s like this: In front of you, there are two paths. One leads to the life your dreams; to the most positive & best things that you’ve yearned for. The other leads down a path filled with regrets & long term procrastination; a place of tiredness & negativity. Which one will you choose? Because remember, you can still choose.

Everything that ever was & is started with a thought, followed by an action. Now, this doesn’t mean we act recklessly in the moment, but that we start using what we have to make small differences now, today, this week. Start now & soon those thoughts & actions will create change, a change that only grows. To get the freedom you desire, the freedom you want to see, you must create change. Is this not true?

Well, what are you waiting on? Someone special…someone else who will create change…aliens? It starts with you; it starts with me, no if’s, no but’s…only what we do now. May you find your freedom or may it find you first 🙂

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