From the depths we rise!

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A traveler, out to prove his worth, out looking for something more, something exciting, came across a creature that terrifies some and fascinates others. With its eyes closed and small breaths of steam coming from its nostrils, the traveler smiled as he drew nearer with his sword drawn, that is, till he stepped on a branch. Frozen in fear, he looked to see if the creature had awakened, but nothing seemed different, so he walked closer and closer, till suddenly it leaped at him!

Dodging to the side, he screamed as a claw or wing tip grazed across his back. Looking behind, his eyes widened as the creature’s eyes glowed red and its back spines slowly rose. Screaming he sheathed his sword, turned & run, only to hear the flapping of wings at his back. Sighting trees ahead, he tried to double his speed, till suddenly something slammed into his back crushing him against a nearby wall.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the wall broke and both creature and man tumbled downwards. Though the creature tried to fly, something pulled it further in and though the man did scream and look for something to grab onto, all he saw was darkness, till his body hit something hard and for a while, he knew nothing more.

Waking up to a strange sound in his head, he looked around but could hardly see anything except for a red light a short distance away. As he walked to it, he felt himself over and though he had a few sore bruises, everything seemed in order. Heat increasing, he stopped and stared in wonder. There, drinking from the source of his light, a giant magma pool, was the winged creature. Unsure of what to do, he leaped into the air when a voice whispered; “Took you long enough, small foolish thing.”

To cut things short, the creature could talk…well, talk within his head. So, after much cajoling on the creatures part, they finally talked and came to an understanding. The creature was not exactly what men called dragons, but of their kind and young at that. The man was only a lad of 20 years, tired of living a life by other peoples rules, tired of not being happy and had finally decided to do something about it. After much conversation, they agreed that something in the cave had pulled them down and that whatever they had somehow landed on {whether it was what had pulled them down was undecided, though it was agreed that it had been sharp and slimy) had somehow bonded them, thus explaining the way they could communicate and more ways in which they both were beginning to change.

A short while later, they began to move forward. Though what happened next is enough for a whole other story, let us tell a little of it. Together they grew closer. They traversed the cave system, even coming across a massive inner kingdom where resided being of different shapes, colours, and sizes. There they were told of what had connected them that moment they fell together and the effects it would have on them. Together they fought their first battle against invaders who fell back in terror at these newly arrived guests. There they found friendships and moments to cherish. They shared unique experiences, uncovered lost mysteries and grew in wisdom, helping bring to the kingdom a new coherence, balance, and peace not felt for years. There they were told that they could not stay, for they were needed in the outside world, but that their paths and some of their friends’ paths would cross again.

And so, after some months had passed, once notified that the way was finally open they ventured forth once again. Slightly sad, but confident in the fact that they had each other. They crossed magma streams and fascinating sites. They met different denizens of the dark and defeated an ambush and a robbery.  The magic they shared pushed them further and faster, till a few days later, they reached the opening.

So now you see. Two young, different beings entered deep within, though it was by accident. Each wanted more and was tired of the life they lived. There they discovered something more, about themselves and about life. Now, though they still were young, they were a bit wiser. The outside called to them and they each felt eager. All that they had gone through; perhaps it was just a beginning of sorts, partially preparing them for what was to come.

They took one last look around. Darkness, magic and magma streams, coloured crystals all around. The hot wind pouring in seemed cool compared to the heat they’d felt. One last look and then together they turned and begun to head outside. What happened or what will happen? That my friend is another story yet to be told.

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