Master of Ways

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Loner, strange child, no-gooder. All names they gave her, even as some tried to get her to conform. “You art isn’t beautiful. It has too many colours.”

“Why do you keep going to that forest? There’s nothing interesting there. You should spend more time in the city with us.” She smiles as she remembers all their words. How could she ever give this up? The mystery, the wonder & now the power. But power has deep ties. And with those ties, comes great responsibilities. Now, here she stands, transformed from a seeker of paths to a master of the ways.

The sky is changing. Thunder and lightning, the smell of wet clay. The red clouds draw ever nearer and she is ready. Passing the staff around the inner circle, she breaths deep & whistles softly. Though the ground shakes, she stands firm. Whistling louder, she thrusts the end of her staff deep into the wet earth and the earth responds.

A deep song that only a few can hear rumbles from deep below. The soil seems to bubble as two stone faces slowly rise, rock and earth mixing and forming shapes in the air. Squinting at the center of the two faces, where a blue light slowly begins to rise, she shivers. The voices. She can hear them calling. Within her & in the forest that is now fading.

But she knows the ways, so she breaths deeply and a stillness washes over her. Smiling, she stares ahead. A path unlike any other, one that few like her have ever travelled and from which only one has returned. But, her need is great. Some things are changing and she must venture forth or watch all she is fond of be perhaps subsumed.

Her friends are waiting and the longer she waits, the more she may lose. But, she was warned. He did tell her; “Where you go and the beings you’ll meet, is surely like no other. Be careful, for will surely change. The only question is, will you come back for us or against us?”

So many questions, yet sometimes so little time. She will remember, she must. Whatever lies beyond, she must master it. Closing her eyes, she breaths deep the smell of wet clay and smiles. The storm is here, the path is bright and the way is open. Opening her eyes, she steps forward and ventures forth.

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