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I am beautiful! ? A bold statement, no? Yet how do we define beauty? Each person’s perspective is different, so each person has a different view on what is beautiful. In many situations, it is how we choose to view things that matter, especially when it comes to who we are.

However, this isn’t really an introspective piece. I just wanted to point out that I’m beautiful ? & so are you. Know your truth, accept it & nothing cannot deny it!

For the past few years {I’d say since 2012/2013), I’ve been on a vegan journey. I choose to be a vegan for two main reasons, moral & health. Through research, I’ve come to believe it’s a healthier path & I know it is also a less cruel {to animals especially) path. I’ve had ups & downs where I had to really learn facts about nutrition & moments{mainly in the beginning) where I ‘relapsed’, but ever since about July 2014 I’ve been a full vegan {except for after two weddings, ???). No worries though, if I attend any more weddings, I’ll def be eating vegan! ?

My vegan journey has definitely been interesting, leading me to learn more about myself, this planet & life in general. In fact, since transitioning to a highly raw vegan {yes, I’ve upgraded, lol), I’ve gotten healthier, my skin’s cleared up, I definitely have more energy & much more beneficial things! Though you must know, there’s also more to it! Having little to no stress, more freedom, peace & room to create has definitely helped! As a high raw vegan {btw, I’m officially going fully raw vegan this week,? sorta started this month, but not really?), or raw vegan, there’s still a lot of delicious food diversity, along with a much better nutritional impact on your life.

From gourmet meals & basics like salads to puddings, porridges, & desserts, there’s a huge variety in what you can experience! However, I must state that when choosing to live such a lifestyle, the person must do deep research. There are ‘types’ of raw vegan lifestyles & you must be aware of certain nutritional areas, as with any food lifestyle you choose.

A key area I’ve been working on is limiting the amount of primarily sweet things that I eat. I’ve been eating mainly sweet recipes {desserts-ish) as my main meals & I’ve recently changed that to include more food diversity, from salads to smoothies to certain sweet stuff just using dates?? & more! I look forward to seeing how this raw vegan journey continues to unfold. I’m definitely aiming to continue thriving. ?

I am a black, beautiful raw vegan & to you. I say Peace & Infinite Blessings! ?

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