Running Free And Soaring High

Freedom; questions to ask yourself, self reflection, soaring free
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One of my early childhood memories is the thrill of playing with a kite. After all the hard work which went into getting it built, which I unfortunately never mastered, then you’d go into an open area, running and running till that kite soared with the wind pulling and pushing at it. Of course, if there was a steady wind you didn’t have to do all that running, but both were fun none the less.

Life is a lot like that experience. A lot of us are either running from something or waiting for something to push us along, while all of us are yearning for the freedom and flow that the kite has when it’s soaring. What we often don’t realize is that there’s someone holding the string. The questions we have to ask are; Are we the ones holding the string? If not, why? If we are, then what can we do to soar high and to be free?

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