Stories waiting to be told

a billion stories, the story within, my trapped stories, stories waiting to be expressed
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It’s interesting how writing interests ebb & flow. I’ve had stories within me waiting to be told from the time I was little. I’ve just let other things distract me or I realize that they sometimes overwhelmed me. My passion seeks expression & it’s something I shall contain no more. Come what may, it is time to unleash creation, in whatever shape or form it takes, online or off.

The more we hold it in, the more pain & regret we cause. So I shall let these stories soar, out into the open. If any see & like, then may it bring a positive emotion. If not, then the creation is expressed living room for more, but more importantly, the tale is told & with it satisfaction…of a sort.

Stories are all around us, in the people we pass, in the creatures we see/hear & dream of. They are a life’s experience written or spoken, imagined or dreamed of. Shall we help them thrive or let them die; forgotten. I say nay, mine shall not die. They shall live & thrive, if only for a moment. In my eyes or the eyes of another, let them feel expression. Let them be, if only for a moment.

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