The Angels Are Coming

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“It appeared out of nowhere. One minute everything was normal…well as normal as things can get for this city… the next there was a giant ass statue with giant ass wings perched above the city! And the buildings aren’t getting crushed or nothing! Crazy, right?”

“Look, I can’t talk right now. Giant statue? So what; there’s always something happening & as long the government or the cops doesn’t shut things down, then I still gotta go to work. Now, I’m running late, so it’s been good talking to ya!”

As the second man rushed off, the reporter turned & faced the camera, laughing slightly; “As we can see, even as this happened just twenty minutes ago, to some people it’s just another day in the city. Now, while the police haven’t blocked off everywhere yet, they are starting to get more active…Wait, something’s happening…”

The camera swung up, as suddenly a loud boom echoed into the sky. The sound of wings beating filled the air and a great voice spoke; “Hark, you worthy. For you have been chosen to help in what comes next. The angels are coming & soon the universe shall see which is right and which is wrong!” Another boom sounded and there was silence.

The camera swung back down and panned slowly around. People still looked up at the sky, while others laughed nervously. “Maybe… maybe we should put some more distance between us and this thing?” Panning back to the reporter, she frowned at the camera; “Guy’s I don’t know what to say, but I…”

A scream resounded silencing her words, followed by another, then another. The camera turned left, then right as some people with their heads still gazing up, begun to pale and freeze in place, their skin slowly turning to stone. Massive wings began to slowly push out from their backs, as people begun to run or try to pull their loved ones away. “Behind you!”

Turning rapidly, the camera suddenly seemed stuck in place as captured in its lens was a human-sized stone angel, with a fang filled mouth frozen in the shape of a scream, hands reaching and closing in slowly…

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