The Struggle

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What words can I say?
What letters can I type?

To express that which is deep within?
That which has not been said…
But, therein lies an issue;
Anyone who’s been around long enough
Will tell you,

All these words have been spoken,
All these emotions expressed…
By someone different.
So, I suppose,
In some weird sense,
We can say,
That we are not alone,

In our experiences,
Our dreams & hopes,
Though our trials,
Are our own,
We can know,
That others too,
Have felt these feelings,
Have spoken similar words,
Have fell countless times,
Only to rise again,

So know you are not alone;
Others too are somewhat similar,
But if this brings somewhat scant comfort;
Ask yourself these questions,
Who are you…without someone?
Who are you with nothing to say,
In the silence~with the truth?
Who are you & who do you want to be?
For no matter how tough the fight,
No matter how long the journey,
No matter how heavy the burden
And how much times you’ve failed,
You have a choice,
And in that choice,
There is power & freedom…
So I reach the depths
And express my truths;
Through these verses,
The soul whispers,
Bringing forth anew,
That which was forgotten;
And perhaps that is a reason,
We experience these things,
Which have already been seen,
Which have already been felt,
To remember & To know
Our truths;
To be free,
To choose…
So…what do you choose?
What do I choose?
Let us meet & speak on these things
And more!
Let us laugh & play,
Let us dance & explore,
Let us read & write
And then someday,
Tell those who come after,
How we live & lived,
These words, letters & dreams
That has already been said.

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