What path shall we take?

where is the world heading, can life improve, what can we do?
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Time moves forward & a decision has to be made. What path shall we take; which future shall we choose?

The world is constantly changing, heading into either a great future or somewhere filled with more pain. In some places, technological capabilities are improving, while in others more people are once again reconnecting with the planet. Some fear the rise of AI, while others fear potential wars. Still even more advocate for greener, sustainable communities & technologies. The question is; what shall unfold~ A more technologically advanced society, an eco-society, a combination of both or an end to it all?

how shall humanity evolve, where is the planet headed, where is life headed

Science fiction worlds are not just dreams anymore; in some ways they’re becoming reality. Driverless cars, virtual reality, 3D printers & the rapid improvement in Artificial Intelligence are just some of the things we may have heard of. And they all set to have widespread impact, especially as they become more affordable & improvements continue to be made.

Now, whether those impacts are positive or negative, it all depends on your perspective. Some may see jobs being lost, while others will see more free time to devote to other areas. Some may see a potential for a greater disconnection from humanity while others will see new ways in which to connect. And these are just with a few of tech we know about! Trust me, there’s so much more, plus don’t forget that 5G is coming soon, which will also help facilitate a quicker transition to the ‘internet of things’. Let’s also not forget perhaps one of the most simple yet innovative technologies recently developed~i.e the blockchain {most popularized by Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies). The list of what’s possible with this is huge & new ideas are being constantly developed. Infact, here’s an interesting link that shows you 30 things which can be done with it: medium.com/blockchain 

Will we ever get to the point of what is seen on television/online? All things are possible, but in the end, it’s up to the people.

How will the cities of the future look, green sustainable architecture what would a better world look like, ecocity, biophilic village



How do we really want our cities, our communities of the future to look? Wouldn’t the above images be better & are they even possible? Eco-cities or Biophilic cities are relatively new terms for perhaps old ways of living, though they do have technological components that some ancient communities did not. Advocating for integrating nature back into our communities while including sustainable components, such movements would be sure to change our lives & way of living!

These concepts can create healthier ecosystems {even generating cleaner air, water & healthier food), generate a natural abundance of some of the most needed supplies for humanity {think water, food, community space, less waste, more efficient effective systems, etc.) and importantly deepen our connection with this amazing planet {evoking more feelings of peace, love & happiness as being in nature has been proven to do). Though most of the amazing images you’ll see of these online are just concepts, there are a few countries who already have ecocities {notably Singapore & Denmark), with others having plans to implement aspects of them.

dystopian future, what does our future hold

Then, there’s ofcourse the city/future we sometimes see in movies & read about. A dystopian/apocalyptic future. Listen to some people & they’ll tell you this is where it’s all headed. If it’s not AI, it’s war. If it’s not solar flares, it’s natural disasters. Or even corrupt governments leading people the wrong way.

This future is something most don’t want to see realized. While there is a great fear about this, we have to remember that it’s the people who have the power. It’s the people who can choose. With the right knowledge, the right wisdom a better path can always be chosen and created.

Who knows what exactly the future holds? Perhaps some places might go down one route, while others choose another. In the end, it’s up to us to choose the reality we want, to spread true knowledge so more people can be aware of their power & choice, to create a better future for those who come after & a better present for those who are here now. A poignant saying often attributed to Native Americans & to be remembered is that; ” We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

So, what path shall you choose?

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2 thoughts on “What path shall we take?

  1. Greetings friends of fablesohamom.com. Talking about choosing a route towards future, here is a proposal that might be of interest to you:


    Despite the high quality of life that some of the so-called developed nations have achieved, the truth is that the world, considered as a group of countries located in a fragile and geographically limited biosphere, is threatened with extinction due to human conflicts and the depredation of the environment.
    Notwithstanding the good and very important actions taken by groups and individuals in favor of a better world, deterioration at all levels continues to increase dangerously.
    After more than thirty years dedicated to these matters, and since “an image is worth a thousand words” we have come up with an alternative strategy, which consists of designing a self-sufficient and sustainable model city that has all the characteristics of infrastructure and organization inherent to the peaceful and sustainable society that we want for ourselves and our descendants, whose representation in the form of scale models, animated series, feature films, video games and theme parks, would constitute a model to follow to generate the necessary changes.
    The prototype that we present has some characteristics that are opposed, sometimes in a radical way, to the religious, economic, political and educational traditions and customs that have been transmitted from generation to generation, yet are the causes of the aforementioned problems, and therefore must be transformed.
    If you are interested in knowing about this project, or even participating in it, we invite you to visit our website https://elmundofelizdelfuturo.blogspot.com/ (written in Spanish and English), where we are working in that sense.

    1. Thank you for sharing Cesar.

      Society is indeed at a key moment of change & it’s always intriguing to see people/groups with ideas that would create meaningful change. I’ve bookmarked your blog & def look forward to reading these solutions that you & others have formulated.

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